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Published in Circle Of Friends magazine October 2010



08/07/2010 15:46

Arrived in Tadoussac last night july 7th at 22:45 after a day of fog wind and rain, fog that I have never seen so thick before in my life mixed with a range of 15 to 25 knot winds, and a sort of wind vortex sucking up some water, im not sure if it fully classified as a waterspout as it was not that tall.  We did not get any rest or were able to eat some food throughout the day as we had to be on high alert. 

Meeting the large ships in the fog without radar is not a great thing.  We passsed 2 at the same time one heading each way, it was erie to hear their horn blasts long before seeing them appear out of the fog about a mile away.  Later after dark and the wind picked up along with the inbound current that reduced our speed considerably for a while.  My uncle had told me he knew what he was getting me for my birthday, he said a cleat to tie my dock line too, it broke the concentrated silence and we had a laugh. 

We had figured on anchoring as we did not think to see the harbour but as we neared fortune struck and for the last half a mile as we dropped sail the fog lifted and we were able to dock, but a mere 20 minutes later it had moved back in surrounding once again.