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Published in Circle Of Friends magazine October 2010


Miscou Island

18/07/2010 22:29

Well we have arrived at our destination, Miscou Island NB.  We arrived here at about 1800 this evening and were welcomed by a group of our family members at the dock.  It was a beautiful day of sailing, we had departed L'anse au Beaufils at 4 am and headed for Chandler inorder to get a pump out for our toilet.  We then departed there at 11am and headed across the Bay of Chaleur, With a 15 knot head wind and 1.5 meter swells with the occasional 3 meter  waves we had a great day of sailing without turning on our engine until we had passed under the bridge and started towards the harbour.  I now sit at my aunts house and will continue updating this within the next few days.