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Published in Circle Of Friends magazine October 2010



Feel free to sign the guest book, I appreciate hearing comments of what people have to say.


Thanks for all your posts so far guys its great to receive inspiration and know that im helping inspire people.


Date: 07/07/2010

By: Carl

Subject: Re: Pride

Thanks Tim
I was glad to hear from someone else with CF that means that people are starting to notice what I am trying to do. there is a possibility that we might be heading your way on a side venture after arriving in New Brunswick time permitting of course, I will certainly let you know.
Oh and out of Curiosity how did you come across my website.

Date: 04/06/2010

By: ta grande soeur carolline de miscou

Subject: fier de toi

tu est parti pour ton aventure, je te shouaite de la chance dans ton parcours j'espere que je pourrais te voir mis tu vien par chez nous. je pense beaucoup a vous et je suis fiere de se que tu a accomplis . ton site est beau bien pensé de faire ca au moin je peu s'avoir un peu ta vie. sois prudent bon voyage ! je t'aime et je te donne un gros bec plein de chance. je parlerais du voyage que leur oncle est on train de faire a jonathan et stephanie.

Date: 07/07/2010

By: Carl

Subject: Re: fier de toi

Merci beacoup.
jai hate de vous voir on dois arriver a Miscou dans moin que 2 semaines. ma date que je vais arriver va etre poster sur le site web mais que c un date prevu. Ben je vous aime et on c vois dans pas long. xoxo

Date: 27/05/2010

By: Lucie Guillemette

Subject: bonne navigation

Salut Carl,

Sébastien m'a fait parvenir le lien pour suivre ton parcours. Je suis très contente pour toi et vous souhaite un très beau voyage sans pépin. Les photos que vous prenez sont très belles et nous donne envie d`être là. Il semble que vous avez un équipier à quatre pattes qui semble aimer le voyage également . Donc prends de grande bouffer d'air pure car tu le mérites énormément. Bon vent !!!

Date: 26/05/2010

By: your lil sister

Subject: you are the best

i have never been so proud of someone to go this far in life considering all we have been through. From the moment you got your new set of lungs i knew mom was watching over you, your a wonderful big brother and you have helped guide me on the right path. I love you so much and hope that now you can live your life to the fullest and dont let anything stop you, because after all, nothing is impossible, look at you now. xoxox ill love you always

Date: 07/07/2010

By: Carl

Subject: Re: you are the best

Thanks Sis

I almost get tears to my eyes when I read your messages thanks so much for the encouragement and for being a great little sister and i hope to take you out for a sail when you get to New Brunswick this summer.

Date: 23/05/2010

By: Gord and margie wilson

Subject: great show buddy

Just a note to tell you we are both happy for you,and proud of your quest. We hope this story will inspire people to be all they can be. Margie says to take care of yourself Carl. Say hi to what's his name,Paul.

Date: 15/05/2010

By: Tamara Ward

Subject: Hellooo!

Carl is sexy. I'll check this site out more later but right now my wee stinky boy is crying. Hope things are going great!

Date: 15/05/2010

By: Dean Ward (Deaner)

Subject: Wishing you fair weather and an awesome journey.

Good morning fella. Its 0848hrs on the 15th of May, Tamara is sleeping, i just put Callan back to sleep and now I finally got the chance to check out your website. Good job on the site and a fantastic story of inspiration if i've ever heard one. Like Dougy said, I also am one that takes everyday things for granted (however not nearly as much since my experience in Afghanistan) but live by what you had told me prior to your surgery, enjoy the little things and live life day to day. And that i do still. I am so grateful and proud to have you as a cousin and to be regarded as a brother. I am also thankful for the times that i was able to be there for you when times were tough, from taking the bus or train to Bathurst to visit with you in the hospital ( and spend the night on the floor like we were a couple of kids having a sleep over) to that crazy day you took me to the doctor to get my eye fixed and then i took you to Winnipeg for an overhaul ( well tamara drove because i could'nt see) . Up until they wheeled you through those big stainless steel doors, remember how positive i was about the whole thing? telling you not to worry because whomever was looking out over you had plans for you, and even still in the ICU and Step Down, when you were still worried whether you were going to make it or not, and at one point i remember saying " One day you will look back on this week and say that was one hell of a time." My point is for some reason even when it looked very bleak for you, i always knew that something was going to work out for, don't know if it was wishful thinking or something else. But there we were a few months ago, at around Christmas i believe, when we were looking back on your progress, looking back at those crazy couple of weeks, you did say " Man that was one hell of an experience." Its pretty cool if you think about it. And now here you are doing something that only most of us could ever dream of doing, living out one of your own dreams, setting it as a goal. Truely Inspirational my man, very inspirational indeed. So wherever you go and however high you climb, never forget the ones down below looking up at you, because they look up to you and care for you a great deal. Now with all that mooshy crap aside, i want to wish you and Uncle Paul good luck, a pleasent and wonderful adventure, and fair weather. A little rough stuff in there as well because i also would enjoy a bit of choppy water and high winds myself, just hoping that its moderate of course. Cheers fella.

Date: 13/05/2010

By: Sebastien

Subject: !!

Hey salut mon Carl,

Je suis pas mal content que tu réalises un de tes reves, oublie surtout pas de me lacher un coup de fil si tu accostes au port de Québec!!

Bon VOyage!!

Date: 06/05/2010

By: Kelley Vibert

Subject: Your journey

I read your story Carl, you are an amazing young man to come as far as you have. I hope others could be so lucky.May you have a safe journey, enjoy every moment of it! You need a new adventure in life to focus on. May you be an inspiration to others, that dreams do come true! ( God speed) Proud of you! xoxo

Date: 20/04/2010

By: Lori Vibert

Subject: Your Adventure

Hello Carl,

Great site... quite an inspiring story. It`s people like you that allow people to believe that life can and will be better if you believe enough and if you want it bad enough. It`s people like you Carl that give people hope and inspiration. And it is people like you that make others stop and say ``I CAN do this``. You are an amazing little man Carl (well you will always be a little man to me) - and I can`t tell you enough how proud I am of you, and what an honor it is to be your family. I wish you and Uncle Paul a safe and exciting journey home - God speed little one. I love you.

Date: 07/04/2010

By: Christina Dahl

Subject: Carl's Journy

Carl, your story is inspiring and I am greatful to know someone like you. I hope you have a great time on your trip and know that you will be missed. I will be looking forward to reading more about your trip and I hope you keep us all updated as I will be checking back. Your site looks great, keep it up, and keep your spirits high.
Have fun, be safe and continue to share your story with others!

Date: 01/04/2010

By: Edward Swart

Subject: Your Story

Hey Carl
Hope all is well
Wow Carl u have had quite a ride in life so far. Your spirit will carry you far,enjoy your trip and continue to live every minute like it was your last as u have been doing. Good luck on your trip, looking forward to hearing more about it on your return and as I check up on u on your blog.
Be Well

Date: 16/03/2010

By: Doug Tizya

Subject: Inspiration

I have had the pleasure of meeting Carl, He has the drive and determination of no other man I have ever known. As many healthy people in our society take their health and well being for granted Carl is taking his illness and turned it into a positive, a positive to show that life can go on and you can still do great things for oneself. I know his cousin Dean very well he does not treat Carl any differently because of his illness and I'm sure Carl does not want any sympathy. He has got another shot at life and he is taking advantage of the this and he inspires me because I too have taken alot of things for granted. Meeting Carl and listening to his story is inspiring if you ever have a chance to sit down and talk to him you will know why he is the way he is.
Carl I wish you a safe journey this summer, and my thoughts and prayers will be with you and you uncle every moment of your journry to the Altlantic Ocean!

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