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Published in Circle Of Friends magazine October 2010


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Less than a month

27/03/2010 20:49
It is now less than a month 'till I leave Winnipeg.  Best news of all, I got an email from Colin Angus.  He is the one who inspired me to accomplish this journey after reading his book, "Beyond The Horizon".  He and his fiance were the first to complete a human-powered...

Spring is coming

19/03/2010 11:42
Well I am currently packing and downsizing what I own, and trying to sell some stuff in order to afford a new camera for this summers trip, I'm hoping to buy a DSLR with HD video recording capability in order to make more videos like the ones you have seen from last summers trip, along with having...


07/03/2010 11:54
Feel free to sign the guestbook and leave comments and feedback, much appreciated thank you.


05/03/2010 21:38
Currently in the process of creating the website for this summer's trip.  We should be underway by May 14, 2010.  Weather permitting.  Departing from Thunder Bay, through the great lakes and down the St. Lawrence River to the Atlantic.  Stopping first at Miscou Island NB, where...
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