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Published in Circle Of Friends magazine October 2010


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My Birthday in 2 days

06/07/2010 22:09
My Birthday is in 2 days and yet it no longer feels as special as my new birthday, March 3rd the day I got my new lungs.

Cap a L'aigle

06/07/2010 21:58
We are now in Cap a L'aigle a small port near the town of  La Malbaie, we did not think to stop here but after a day of fighting the currents and anchoring last night at 23:30 and getting a restless sleep we decided to stop. This morning was chilly with thick fog and the ominous horn blasts of...

Salaberry De-Valley Field, Quebec

01/07/2010 19:10
We arrived In Salaberry De-Valley Field on June 30th, and we have been welcomed extremely well, we have met some of the nicest people on our trip and they have given us a free night stay at the Valley Field marina along with each a complimentry drink at the bar, I would highly recommend stopping in...

Kingston ON

27/06/2010 20:33
We departed Whitby ON near Toronto May 26th at 5:45 am and after 120 miles arrived in Kingston ON at 10:25 am this morning May 27th after sailing non stop for 28 hours and 20 minutes. We docked at the Portsmouth Marina but 2 hours later departed for the public marina in downtown Kingston. We then...

Toronto 1200 miles

22/06/2010 19:59
Arrived in Toronto on June 16th, after a great trip so far with some of the best and some of the worst sailing weather i've ever seen. Weve encountered 30 knot winds and 3 meter swells and we've also had times of dead wind and even a thunderstorm or 2. Made a few friends along the way and have been...

In Tobermoray

02/06/2010 12:34
I'm now in Tobermoray and have posted the Blind River To Killarney Blog that i wrote back in Killarney but was unable to post until now due to no internet service. I hope to get the second post written from Killarney to Here today. As we are here for the day due to bad weather.

In Blind River

21/05/2010 13:10
New trip Log entered of the first leg of the journey check it out in the Trip Log section, pictures will be posted as soon as I have more time.

In Thunder bay

08/05/2010 19:01
I left Winnipeg on May 2nd, and drove out to Thunder bay, where I am currently living in a boat yard, and constantly working on the boat to get her ready for the voyage.  I have posted a new trip log, but will only be able to post pictures in a few days.

3 days until departure

29/04/2010 14:27
Only 3 days left until I depart Manitoba, I am left with a few last minute preparations before I leave. Yesterday I purchased my new camera for the trip and have been playing with it so that I can use it easily when the time comes, I have fully moved out of my apartment and currently staying at my...

Off to ThunderBay

11/04/2010 00:16
Heading to ThunderBay in the morning to bring some supplies to the boat and to make sure it has faired well through the winter, it will be a quick trip there and back. Also if you are following my trip and think you could help me in anyway much appreciated, still needing plenty of charts for the...
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