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Published in Circle Of Friends magazine October 2010


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01/07/2011 12:18
See main page for write up.

Setting Sail Soon

30/05/2011 22:55
We plan to be setting Sail on our way to Newfoundland In a week or slightly less.  I received all my medication needed thanks to the help of the Shoppers Drug Mart in Bathurst and their great staff.  I will write up a short log aboout things that have been going on in the last while and...

May Is Cystic Fibrosis Month

11/05/2011 08:39
I encourage people to take a look at the Cystic Fibrosis website to see what you can do to help raise awareness as May is CF month.  I am quite busy working from morning till evening on the sailboat in this cold and wet weather. I had caught a cold for a few days but after seeing the doctor...

The Ice has melted

19/04/2011 10:53
Its now April and there is still so much to be done, it is becoming a stressful time and we should be underway by the first week of June. I added a simpler way of making donations and encourage people to take a look thanks.


08/02/2011 15:03
UNB Presentation My 2 hour presentation yesterday, february 07 was successful, I beileve I did a good job and the students enjoyed it very much. I was glad to be able to reach more people and help them understand what living with CF is like. I am now hoping to do it again in the future,  To...


16/01/2011 18:12
Published As some of you may already know my article was published in the Circle of friends magazine in October, Here is a link to view it online.


17/08/2010 15:43
I am in Winnipeg getting a few things done and will, try and get a few updates done soon, the summer has been very busy and will hopefully start to become a bit more relaxed in the weeks to come.  I sent in my story to the CF foundation along with some pictures and will be getting it published...

Miscou Island

18/07/2010 22:29
Well we have arrived at our destination, Miscou Island NB.  We arrived here at about 1800 this evening and were welcomed by a group of our family members at the dock.  It was a beautiful day of sailing, we had departed L'anse au Beaufils at 4 am and headed for Chandler inorder to get a...


16/07/2010 12:16
Arrived in Gaspe July 15th, Should be departing Tomorrow heading across the Bay of Chaleur towards our final destination Miscou Island New Brunswick. Yesterday it had been exactly 2 months since this trip started and it seems Thunderbay is so far away now.  I look back at everything I have...


08/07/2010 15:46
Arrived in Tadoussac last night july 7th at 22:45 after a day of fog wind and rain, fog that I have never seen so thick before in my life mixed with a range of 15 to 25 knot winds, and a sort of wind vortex sucking up some water, im not sure if it fully classified as a waterspout as it was not that...
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